Folio Boxes

Signature Folio Box

Signature Folio Box

The Signature Folio box is a gorgeous piece.  Made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted more than 10 times to be mirror finished in either Polar White, Matte Black or Rich Black colors. The internals are black plush felt lined, chrome hinges and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of our professional mats. The stand out is the recessed glass window lid which allows for the top image to be showcased. The base of the box is also felt lined to prevent scratching surfaces that it’s placed on.

The Signature Folio box holds 25 matted/matted prints.



Premium Folio Box


Premium Folio Box

The Premium Folio box is covered in a luxurious soft touch faux leather type material. The interior is covered with a plush velvet. Available in gray, ivory, black, red and duck egg (pictured).  The Black and Red boxes have a black velvet interior. All other boxes have an ivory velvet interior.  Note: not all colors available in all sizes.

The Premium box holds 30 matted/mounted prints or 70 standard prints.






Wood Folio Box


Wood Box

The Wood Folio box is a beautifully designed wooden box and has a luxurious soft touch material on the interior. The chrome hinges are both practical and stylish.

The Wood Folio box holds 30 matted/mounted prints or 70 standard prints.





Prices for the folio boxes varies depending upon package selected.