The anticipation of your new baby is indescribable, and the excitement is contagious.  Your body is changing with this life forming right before your eyes.  You feel the time slipping through your fingertips as the day draws closer and closer to meeting your new family.  You will want to remember all the little things … all the firsts:  flutter, kick, somersault.  The feeling connected before you even see your baby’s face.  The way your partner talks and sings to your belly.  How much love was produced before they even arrive.  These are the gifts worth preserving and reliving day in and out. 

When your baby is born, you can look back at your pictures and remember what it was like to create this beautiful child.  Your partner may not feel what you feel, but their story and excitement is just as important as yours.  They need to be seen and included – the connection and change in your relationship through this pregnancy needs to be honored.  That’s my job.

Whatever your message is – whatever your story is – it is my responsibility to understand your story before we embark on the photo session, so that when you relish in the finished wall art every day, or you are flipping through your beautiful album with your child as they grow, you’re able to tell the story of your child’s journey before they even got here.  How wanted, loved, and desired they were.  How much you sacrificed for their safety.  How blessed your bond has become and no matter what … how hard you will always work to keep it strong. 

Prior to your session, we will discuss you and everything you want from your session – starting with the simplest decisions to what you want to feel when you see your session brought back to life in beautiful wall portraits or albums.

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