New life. Awakening of new dreams. Love you never knew you could feel for another human being. Strength you never thought you had. The arrival of your baby will be the most fulfilling milestone in your life.

This is absolutely one of the most important days of your life – keep the memory of your strength, love and happiness alive for a lifetime and beyond with beautiful photographs you and your child will treasure forever.

All birth photographs are tastefully done and completely private – unless you allow me to post some on social media and/or use for advertising.

A Birthography session is a wonderful compliment to your maternity session. For the complete package add a First 48.

Birthing Session

My birthography package is $900 and includes:

  • Up to 10 hours of Labor/Birth coverage
  • 24-hr on-call status for four weeks
  • $200 print credit towards album or prints (digital social media sharing file included with prints/images ordered)
  • Video slideshow
  • $100 off for scheduled C-Section
  • Includes a complimentary Maternity Session


What kind of guarantee do you offer?

There are many things that go on during a birth, some of which I have no control over. For example, if all bystanders are asked to leave the room, I may miss something important. If someone steps into the shot while working, I may miss a crucial moment. If mom needs the lights low during labor or birth, the quality of the photographs will not be as good. We will discuss all of this during our discovery call. It would also be a good idea to include me as part of the birth team with your care provider ahead of time.

How many images will you take?

There is no set number. I do not stop at 100 and I do not just keep taking photos of the same thing to reach a goal number of photos. The photos I take are specific and strategic. You will not be disappointed. I am going through this experience with you. When you’re done and ready for rest – that will be my cue to leave.

What if l have a C-Section?

As long as it is okay with your doctor, I will be with you every step of the way. If it is not okay to be present, I will photograph all the moments I can before and after.