How I Work



What do I get for the initial session fee?

Me! My time planning, shooting, post-processing and meeting with you before and after your session.

When is the “sitting” fee due?

On or before the day of the session.

Is a deposit required to hold the date?

Yes.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is due the day you sign our contract for photography services – portrait only.

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept cash or check the day of your session, or credit card through PayPal or through my contract/payment service prior to the session date.  I do accept the payment broken up into smaller payments, but the full fee must be completed prior to our session.


Folio Box
This gorgeous keepsake box holds up to 25 double-matted 7×10 or 8×12 prints of your most favorite images from your session.

Folio Boxes start at $900 – session included


My turnaround is two weeks for portraiture.  I will contact you to schedule an appointment to view your images.


I love social media!  I believe that if someone likes your photos they will ask you who the photographer was, but I would really appreciate it if you would just share the watermarked versions.  My watermark is nice and non-intrusive to your images.  I do like to share sneak peeks right after the session, so PLEASE let me know if you are not okay with your images being posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and/or my website.  When you sign our contract, the release is included.


Can I buy the digital images?

Yes, with each print purchased (7×10 or larger) I include the full resolution retouched digital image.  If you purchase an album, I include all images contained in the album.  Personal Branding Headshots will be discussed as the need is different than portraiture.

Can I see ALL the images you took?

Nope.  You hired me, which includes my eye and ability, to take timeless and professional photographs of you.  Not every single image is going to be perfect.  It would be a colossal waste of time and overwhelming for you to go through every image taken – that’s what you’re paying me to do.  Several images will be identical and just taken to ensure no one blinked, looked away or had a funny look on their face – that being said, none of those images will be presented.  You need to trust me that I have selected the absolute best images for your reveal session.

What images will I get to see?

You will see two to three proofs of each pose – if not identical.  I will also give one example of a fully edited final, so you know what to expect.  I do not guarantee the amount of photos you will be presented with – just like you can’t guarantee how your family or child will be during the session.  If, for example, your child wasn’t into the photo session and was over it before it began, then I can only produce what I was able to capture.  It would be unrealistic for me to guarantee 50 unique images.

If something goes wrong during the session?

I want you to be happy.  You hired a me because you wanted beautiful images of you, your child(ren) and/or your family.  I will do what I can to achieve that.  If we just can’t get any usable images and it means meeting on a different day, then we will do that with a small extra fee for my time.  HOWEVER, if we go all the way through the session and I see we did get some good images, but during the reveal you say that you simply do not like the photos, that’s fine  – you do not have to purchase any prints – I will not do a free reshoot – unless of course I messed up.

What is included in the final image?

The final image editing consists of color, contrast, depth, sharpness, dodging, burning and slight retouching noted below.  Any in-depth retouching that you request will require an extra fee that we can discuss.  Please note for your own peace of mind: the final photos you receive are photos that I would like to print if they were mine.

What kind of retouching is included?

I make faces clear of blemishes and scars.  Extensive retouching will be discussed at your consultation.

I reserve the right to change these policies at any time.  However, the policies in place at the time of your booking stand – or they will be discussed with you prior to your session for agreement.

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