January Boudoir Empowerment Sessions

Want to start the year off on a super high note celebrating yourself, or gifting a beautiful woman in your life with a Sense and Sensuality Empowerment Session?  

Ten reasons why women have a boudoir session:

  1. Explore Your Sensuality in a Safe Environment
  2. Your Photographer Wants Your Best Photos Possible
  3. Make Love, Not War with Your Body
  4. The Joy of Being Completely Pampered
  5. Celebrate a Milestone in Your Life 
  6. Boost Your Self-Confidence
  7. Never Too Late to Challenge the Woman You Think You Are
  8. The Perfect Gift – For Yourself
  9. The Perfect Gift – For Someone Special
  10. Inspiring, Life-Affirming & Fun

For the month of January, I am offering a special rate for my exclusive Sense and Sensuality Boudoir Sessions – just $249 gets you

  • a professional hair and makeup session while you relax and indulge with your beverage and other delectables of choice;
  • a photo session styled specifically for and with you,
  • and other little surprises. 

I suggest you plan on having a night out with your special someone or the girls after because you will look and feel amazing!

If you are 40 years or finer, you will also be interviewed and included in a magazine that I’m creating and featured on my website for my Bold Brave and Badass Project!

Book your time now or fill out the form to talk with me further!

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