Six Fun Ways to Use Your Senior Photos at Grad Celebrations

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally graduating, which is why a celebration, no matter how big or small, is a must. 

These festivities are also the ideal place to show off your new senior photos and they can easily be incorporated into your party décor. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire you. 

1. Create a Timeline Banner. If photos have always been a big deal in your family, chances are you have some older graduation photos lying around the house. Showcase your school career by creating a graduation timeline banner that includes your new senior photos. 

2. Collect messages. Get your family and friends to wish you well on the next big phase of your life by creating a graduation signing board that includes some of your favorite senior session pics. 

3. Throw in some balloons. Balloons are always a fun and colorful décor option. You can also use them to display photos from your school career, including your senior year. Fill one section of a ceiling with helium-filled balloons and attach your photos to the strings. 

4. Print a welcome board. Another simple way to display your senior photos is to print a welcome board for the entrance of your home or the venue you’ve chosen for your graduation party. 

5. Line them up. Show your guests how far you’ve come by displaying a timeline of photos in the entrance hall. You can even attach your photos to wooden stakes and line them along the walkway to your house. 

6. Add them to your tables. If you’re planning a graduation party that will include a sit-down meal, you can always use your senior photos to create fun table numbers. Even framing one of your senior photos for each table makes for a great décor piece. 

And if you need help with printing, speak to your senior photographer, they will certainly be able to assist you with professional prints. 


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