Caitlin & Bram


Young love . . .  Caitlin and Bram had English together their senior year of high school.  One day Caitlin roped Bram into a conversation which led to them walking and talking for awhile after school.  During the rest of the year, they talked before class, but that was it.  Neither was the wiser that the other was interested.  Later, Bram confessed he tried to talk to her more, but it was difficult for him.

Graduation Day arrives – yes GRADUATION!  Caitlin and Bram were picking up their diplomas as the same time.  They talked and he asked for her number.  PHEW!  Talk about waiting until the 11th hour!  After that they had a summer full of long walks and conversation.  But it still wasn’t a done deal – they just hung out – they kept quiet not sharing their feelings.  So finally the truth came out and they became boyfriend and girlfriend – just before he was set to leave for his service.  They corresponded while he was gone and when he returned, they decided to get married!

The location was amazing – Los Angeles River Center & Gardens.  Caitlin is a trained naturalist and works there teaching people about the California ecosystems.  LA River Center is a little oasis tucked away in the City of Los Angeles.  Gorgeous front gates, lovely garden, fountain, old Spanish style architecture . . . perfect photo spot.

Enjoy some of the highlights – set to Expression from Helen Jane Long from the album Porcelain.




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