How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer

What you need to consider before you pay that photography deposit. If you’ve started the search for a photographer then you’ll know just how many options there are.  Before you go ahead and book a professional photographer for a shoot though, there are a couple important things to consider. What style are you looking for? … Continue reading How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer

A Not-So-Scary Deal

In celebration of one of my favorite "holidays," if you book an engagement session during the month of October to take place anytime during the remainder of 2018 or throughout 2019, you will receive a super cool custom guestbook for your wedding!  

The Engagement Session – Is It Really Necessary?

I am often asked when meeting with potential wedding clients, “What if we don’t do the engagement session?”  I smile and politely let them know, “The engagement session is for me!”  Just kidding - well not really . . . well sort of . . .  Of course, the engagement session is about you - … Continue reading The Engagement Session – Is It Really Necessary?

Imahny and Taurrean

One of my favorite things about wedding photography is the engagement session.  It is the time that the couple and I get to know each other.  We connect during the session, they get comfortable being in front of the camera - we goof off and be silly - maybe dance, which makes the wedding day … Continue reading Imahny and Taurrean

A Wedding is a Circus . . .

Years of preparation - horse drawn carriage - stilt-walker - ringmaster - they said it couldn't be done . . . Angela and Gary said, "Yes it can."  I know there are a lot of images here, but there was a lot going on. When Angela asked me to photograph their wedding and told me it … Continue reading A Wedding is a Circus . . .

Caitlin & Bram

  Young love . . .  Caitlin and Bram had English together their senior year of high school.  One day Caitlin roped Bram into a conversation which led to them walking and talking for awhile after school.  During the rest of the year, they talked before class, but that was it.  Neither was the wiser … Continue reading Caitlin & Bram