I know I've written on this subject before, but it's a conversation I have often with friends.  "It's just so hard getting everyone together."  I bet if it was a wedding or a funeral, everyone would figure it out. Family photos and individual portraits are so so important to our lives.  I know I'm uber … Continue reading IF NOT NOW – THEN WHEN?

When was the last time you were professionally photographed . . .

Isn't it time you treated yourself to a professional photography session?  You might ask yourself - What would I do with photos of just myself?  First and foremost, enjoy them and really see the real you through the eyes of your photographer.  Your family will treasure photos of you for generations.  It's your mark in … Continue reading When was the last time you were professionally photographed . . .

Shine . . .

I am lucky enough to be friends with this cutie's Mom for  . . .  a lot of years!  Let's just say I knew Kara before she was born!   We ventured out in Lakewood/Long Beach and took some quick shots before the sun set on us.  I am so excited to add Kara to … Continue reading Shine . . .

Next Step in Life – Milestones . . .

These are my sons.  As you can imagine . . . getting this done was like pulling teeth.   I had to trick the younger one and beg - well force - the older one. Both of my boys graduated from their respective schools which was pretty cool - both the Class of 2017 (middle … Continue reading Next Step in Life – Milestones . . .


I had the pleasure of heading south again (San Diego) to take this young man's senior portraits.  Working with Jake was great - as with most of my clients (minus my own son) - he was easy going and willing to do anything! I'm happy to add him to the group of great young men … Continue reading Jake

No One Wants Pictures of Me or I’m Too Fat, Old . . . Fill in the Blank

Here is one personal story about why those objections are not going to fly with anyone . . . First of all - everyone who loves you wants pictures of and/or with you - so knock that off now.  You are who you are today and your photographer is trained in posing, wardrobe advice and … Continue reading No One Wants Pictures of Me or I’m Too Fat, Old . . . Fill in the Blank

A New Life Means New Hope . . .

With each new life there are new hopes and dreams.  What will she do?  Will she impact the world on a global level?  Will SHE be the one that brings peace and kindness to this world?  Will she be the first woman to . . . .? Even with all the hopes and dreams, our … Continue reading A New Life Means New Hope . . .